According to a report in The Hindustan Times, Shadabh Mohommad Ibrahim Shaikh, who is a resident of Ghatkopar has been arrested for molesting a 32-year old woman. The lady is a resident of Sewri and was on her way to pick up her son from school when the incident took place.


The driver forced her into getting into the car and once she sat next to him, 'pounced' on her, as per report. Shaikh started the car and as she tried to raise alarm, he locked the doors and rolled down the windows. The incident took place on April 10 and the arrest has been made by the police from the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Marg Police.


"Once the woman sat next to him, the driver pounced on her and asked her to be his friend. He insisted that she give him her mobile number and even snatched her phone. When the woman resisted, Shaikh started the car," as per The Hindustan Times report. 


He stopped the car only when she tried taking control of the steering wheel and realised that she may jump out. This isn't the first time, and we've seen similar incidents taking place by drivers of Ola as well as Uber. It's time these platforms take women safety seriously.