The incident brings to light security concerns about passengers, especially women. According to a report by Bangalore Mirror, police have revealed that the owner had deployed a proxy driver as the registered driver left the job couple of months back in February.


From the past three months, 25-year old Imram Khan was driving the cab. He was using the registered documents of the former driver Ravi Kumar. As per report, Imran Khan impersonated Ravi Kumar and also used his registered documents. Both the owner of the vehicle and the driver has been arrested.


It is further known that Police verification documents that were issued to Ravi Kumar were also used, and the police also adds the duo have manipulated some officials at Ola to fabricate the records in this case.


The story unfolded as Ravi Kumar was arrested by the police after the complaint, who later denied that he was off services for about three months. The police will now be probing the matter to raise issues related to proxy drivers and security lapse.


Meanwhile, Ola had issued a statement saying, "We have terminated the driver partner from the Ola platform as soon as we received a complaint from the customer.We have assured the customer full support in further investigation of the issue."


This isn't the first such incident and in the past we've seen both Ola and Uber entangled in security lapses. It's time these taxi aggregators start taking security concerns  seriously.