A Digitimes report, citing Economic Daily News, reveals that there won't be anyd elay in the launch, and the iPhone will be unveiled in September and go up on sale in October. The supply chains are ready to ramp up the production, adds the report.

The report further adds that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will fabricate wafers needed for the pruction of A11 processes on 10 June and the delivery will begin in the second half of July. "Meanwhile, iPhone assemblers Foxconn Electronics, Winstron and Pegatron are accelerating the recruitment and training of new workers in China," the report writes. 

Apple is said to launch three variants of the iPhone this year allegedly the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. The iPhone 7s models are believed to be identical to the iPhone 7 while the iPhone 8 will be the big surprise with an overhaul design code-named Ferrari.

A borderless OLED display and all-glass design has been the most consistent rumour, while the internal redesign may include breaking the logic board into discrete units that are connected with a flex cable. The 'curved display' may be given a miss, as per a previous report. 

It will come powered by Apple's own SoC, and so expect the A11 chip. Also expected is a boost in memory, at least for the iPhone 8 variant. Dual rear camera setup could come fitted into the new model too. The iPhone 8 will run iOS 11 and also feature water resistance capability.

All three variants are expected to feature wireless charging, and it won't just be limited to the higher-end iPhone 8, according to KGI's Ming Chi Kuo who is known to reveal accurate details about the device. We saw the jet black with the iPhone 7. Rumour has it the company celebrate its anniversary with a red variant. 

A JPMorgan analyst (via 9To5Mac) suggests that the OLED display will be edge-to-edge only horizontally and not vertically. Moreover, the report further adds that adevice will come bundled with a free pair of AirPods.