For many, announcement of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X means the older variants of the device get cheaper. We looked online to bring to you the prices of all the other iPhones right now. Please note that that iPhone 8 starts at Rs 64,000 and the iPhone X at Rs 89,000 in India. 

iPhone 6s
The 32GB and 128GB iPhone 6s models that were available for Rs 46,900 and Rs 55,900, will now be priced Rs 40,000 and Rs 49,000 respectively.
The iPhone 6s Plus will now be priced at  Rs 49,000 for 32GB variant and Rs 58000 for 128Gb variant. They were earlier priced at Rs 56,100 and Rs 65,000, respectively. These are the prices listed on the Apple India site.

Flipkart is selling the 32GB iPhone 6s and 32GB iPhone 6s Plus at Rs 37,999 and Rs 46,980, respectively. 

iPhone 7

On the Apple India site, the 32GB iPhone 7 will be priced at Rs 49,000 instead of Rs 65,200 while the 128GB variant at Rs 58,000 instead of Rs 65,200. The iPhone 7 Plus is selling at Rs 59,000 for the 32GB model and Rs 68,000 for the 128GB variant. 

Online, you can buy the iPhone 7 32GB variant for as low as Rs 47,000 for the rose gold variant and Rs 46,998 for the black model. You will get the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB at Rs 60,000

iPhone 6

The 32GB iPhone 6 is selling at as low as Rs 25330

iPhone SE

The 32GB iPhone SE is selling at Rs 20,999 while the 16GB iPhone SE is priced at Rs 19,999