When Apple decided to give the 3.5mm jack a miss, everyone seemed to be up in arms against the company. Post the Apple iPhone 7 launch event last year, apart from the products launched, 'courage' was the most talked about aspect of the event. And, why not, after all, Phil Schiller says it took 'courage' to do so.

While it gave Twitterati a field day, some part of us knew, that this is the end of the journey for the 3.5mm jack. Remember how Apple made companies churn out tablets after the iPad launch (though iPad wasn't an instant hit on arrival), and a whiff of it planning a smartwatch gave a boost to the segment, fingerprint scanner becoming a standard and so on. There are many such changes from Apple that have become an industry standard. 

Just like the others, slowly yet steadily companies have been hinting at the skipping the audio jack. So, for all those expensive headphone, you've bought, there will be an adaptor, hopefully. And, finally, the audio industry will witness the change too. 

To begin with, Xiaomi, which gets much love from Indian audiences, decided to follow suit with its flagship Mi 6. Companies like Xiaomi that define the budget smartphone market in India said the reason for doing so was saving space for other components.

An HTC U 11 leaked video (via Onleaks, 91Mobiles) also shows a missing headphone. A leaked Huawei Honor 9 image also follows Apple and is said to give a miss to the headphone jack. And, the list probably goes on.

What was ridiculed by many users (and most probably still do) would soon have no choice to accept the change. Because whatever Apple does, turns into a tech trend!