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World Liver Day 2024: Here are 8 lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy liver

World Liver Day 2024: Every April 19, World Liver Day raises awareness about liver health and the global incidence of liver disease. Know the role of lifestyle modifications in liver disease management.

World Liver Day 2024: Here are 8 lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy liver RBA
First Published Apr 18, 2024, 6:46 PM IST

Maintaining a healthy liver is crucial to keeping the body functioning optimally. With a fast-paced lifestyle and poor dietary choices, Liver health is prone to decline more. Experts and many studies have stressed the need to adopt lifestyle modifications for managing liver disease and reducing overall risk factors. Some recommended Lifestyle changes to consider are –

1. Restricting Alcohol consumption – Alcohol is a major contributor to liver diseases like Alcoholic fatty liver disease also known as alcoholic steatohepatitis. Experts suggest keeping zero alcohol consumption or it can lead to damage to cells of the liver. Excessive or moderate alcohol consumption for prolonged periods above permissible levels can turn fatal for the liver. Alcohol can cause inflammation or swelling and even scar tissue buildup.

World Liver Day 2024: Here are 8 lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy liver RBA

2. Avoid or Quit smoking – Smoking is also known as a cause of progress of liver disease. It can scar your liver and even lead to cirrhosis. Try avoiding smoking cigarettes and other forms of smoking. If you have trouble quitting smoking altogether, seek help or medical assistance. Not smoking will reduce toxins in the body and bring down the chances of getting liver cancer.

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3. Maintain a Healthy diet – Food really is the medicine for our body. The root of many health problems lies in unhealthy or junk diet consumption. A well-balanced diet with whole foods can supplement the body with needed nutrients like – fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc. Intake of processed, packaged, sugary or salty food items must be restricted. A diet with more vegetables and fruits is recommended for a healthy body. Cutting down on sodium intake will also help improve fluid retention.

4. Practice stress management techniques – Chronic Stress due to many factors – work, relationships or education can impact liver health. Meditation, breathing exercises or relaxing techniques are encouraged to give the body a much-deserved break. Calm Body and Mind will help combat risk factors for various health problems.

World Liver Day 2024: Here are 8 lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy liver RBA

5. Keep a check on your weight – Obesity is a common factor for liver disease. Losing weight, especially around the belly or abdomen region can help. A healthy weight is crucial for liver health. Individuals struggling with obesity can opt for a healthier diet with a combination of exercise to maintain weight. Accumulation of fat can lead to Non- Alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

6. Exercise and other physical activity – Regular Exercise of any form will be beneficial in reducing the risk of liver disease. Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Pilates or weight lifting will promote good cardiovascular health. Any form of exercise is important to overall well-being and maintaining a healthy weight. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day is recommended. One can also consult with a Medical Professional to understand which exercise works best for their body. 

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7. Watch supplement or medication use – Certain antibiotics or supplements can cause damage to the liver. According to Doctors constant use of Ibuprofen-like anti-inflammatory drugs for a prolonged period can prove harmful. It is always suggested that the supplements consumed be thoroughly checked or checked by a healthcare professional.

8. Safe Sex practices – Contraction of Hepatitis C gets increased when sexual activity is carried out without protection like condoms. These viral infections spread through bodily fluids like semen or blood can put you at risk. Hepatitis can cause damage to liver cells, hence it is essential to engage in safe sex.

-Approved by - Dr. Rahul Dubbaka, Consultant – Gastroenterology, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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