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'UPSET' over Solar eclipse, US-based astrology influencer KILLS partner, throws kids out of car-report

US citizen Danielle Ayoka, who is an astrology influencer, killed her partner and threw her two children onto a highway, after being upset over Eclipse. She called the solar eclipse “the epitome of spiritual warfare” in an online post.

UPSET over Solar eclipse, US-based astrology influencer KILLS partner, throws kids out of car-report RBA
First Published Apr 11, 2024, 1:57 PM IST

A woman who authorities say fatally stabbed her partner at their Los Angeles flat on Monday (April 08) and then threw her two children from a moving SUV onto the highway, killing her infant daughter, was an astrologer who had called the impending solar eclipse "the epitome of spiritual warfare" in an online post days before.

According to Lt. Guy Golan, Los Angeles police think Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson, 34, posted on X as an astrology influencer and recording artist under the name "Ayoka," in the days preceding up to the violence, which began hours before the Eclipse crested in Southern California.

Danielle Johnson, also known as Danielle Ayoka online, had created a presence on the internet, selling spiritual services such as "aura cleanses" and online zodiac readings. As a self-proclaimed spiritual guide, she utilised her platform to communicate with her followers, particularly about the complete solar Eclipse in North America on Monday. Johnson referred to the Eclipse as "the epitome of spiritual warfare," urging her audience to defend themselves and make moral decisions during the celestial spectacle.

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On the morning of the Eclipse, a terrible and frightening series of events occurred. According to the Los Angeles Times, Johnson fatally stabbed her Air Force veteran lover, Jaelen Allen Chaney, at their apartment. She then departed the scene in a Porsche Cayenne with her two girls, ages nine and eight months. As Johnson raced down the 405 motorway, she shoved her children out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, only the elder child lived.

Johnson continued her reckless driving until her car collided with a tree on the Pacific Coast Highway at an estimated speed of 100 mph. The crash left her body so deformed that identification was difficult. Meanwhile, police arrived to the flat and discovered a trail of bloody footsteps and Chaney's body, which had been stabbed in the heart.

Law authorities confirmed that Danielle Johnson and her online pseudonym, Danielle Ayoka, were the same individual. The episode raised questions among authorities and the general public about her aggressive behaviour, particularly given her spiritual prominence and her followers' dependence on her leadership.

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While Johnson's assertions that the Eclipse represented a spiritual battle may have appealed to some, scientists dismiss such theories as unfounded conspiracies. Millions of people throughout North America witnessed the complete solar Eclipse, which included the Moon's shadow covering the Sun's dazzling corona, providing an unforgettable visual experience. In contrast, Los Angeles only saw a partial eclipse, and the tragic events of the day shocked and upset the town.

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