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These 7 deadly signs tell your wife is not faithful to you anymore

In a marriage, the relationship is well balanced by husband and wife. And a good wife can sometimes quarrel, engage in fights or also avoid you. But there are some signs that tell you about your wife which may be of deeper concern.

These 7 deadly signs tell your wife is not faithful to you anymore-ycb
Bengaluru, First Published Dec 10, 2020, 6:12 PM IST
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Check receipts/fragrance

Usually wives love their husband doing their laundry, but if the same person asks not to touch her clothes for washing purposes, there are chances she is hiding something.
Chances are that she may be hiding the receipts of dinner or a coffee date which you didn't know or were a part of. Or there may be some perfume or smell which does not belong to you. And she may not want to risk getting caught for this very reason.

Silent mode of her phone

You may think she is actually hiding something from you if she ignores your call when it is not in silent mode or rejects your call often. Hence to avoid running into this risk of suspicion, she may use the silent mode.

Asks for more and new things in the bed

Husbands may find themselves on Cloud nine when their wives demand new things to make their relationship romantic, but it can also be a sign that she may have learnt the new things from another person and not you.

Calls you by her strange name

Come what may, the wife may not take or address you with a strange name when they are having private time, and if at all once or twice, the strange name is crossing her mind, she may utter it. Don't just ignore if she gives an excuse, then that there may be something that she is hiding from you.

Avoids your friends circle

If a woman is in an affair, then she may try to avoid meeting your friends circle or ignore them. She may be in fear of getting exposed.
Sometimes in such cases where a woman is all set to exit from marriage, she may want to cut off from all the relationships and your circles.

Stays away from home or comes late on pretext of work

In some cases women who have flings at office and outside may use this excuse of office and work. And even if they are attracted to someone in office, they are trying to get close or seek their attention from the new man they like, they are likely to come home late.

Deletes your images and memories on her social media account

Like in many prominent cases, women may start to unfollow her husband from her social media account. She may block you, remove the profile picture of you or things close to your heart. Then think that she has something else on her mind.

As per relationship experts, the couple should talk and sort things out before it is too late. And if things don't work, can part ways in a civilised manner rather than ugly scenes after things get exposed.

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