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Pizza or Dal Chawal? Junk food or homemade food? Read this before you make your choice

Eating fast/processed food has become a trend in these modern days, and the intake of home-cooked meals has become less. Know their effects and make your choice wisely. Whose fault is it that we are unable to follow healthy eating habits? 

Pizza or Dal Chawal? Junk food or homemade food]? Read this before you make your choice SUR
First Published Sep 13, 2022, 6:27 PM IST

People earlier didn't have so many options, they had to rely on homemade food cooked with health in mind, and people usually carried it with them. But with changing trends and lifestyles, people prefer to eat out. 

Do we have the time to think about our eating habits? This depends on many things, such as - the choice of food they prefer and many workplaces providing food; some workplaces provide food coupons which they use to purchase foods with so many different food joints influencing people they grab their lunch on the move. We can’t blame anyone specifically, as these things look rosy when we are young and able, but it starts taking a toll on our health. 

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With our busy lives, we tend to depend more on processed food. We should try making a conscious decision on trying to eat more homemade food. 

Homemade food can spare you unwanted calories, fats etc. When it is homemade food, we know that it has been freshly prepared with fresh ingredients. When you compare the nutrition in junk food and homemade food, the nutritional value is more in homemade food compared to processed and junk food. 

By preparing your food, you can control what ingredients you can add to your dish. You can also manage the portions of the food you will be eating when it is homemade, whereas restaurants tend to serve larger than necessary. 

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The other difference between fast/ processed food and homemade food is the sodium levels. In restaurants and fast food outlets, a generous amount of salt and flavours are added, but in homemade food, you can control the amount of salt and other flavours. 

Fast/ processed food has also caused obesity, a rising public health issue.

It is always possible to make healthier choices by eating more home-cooked meals than fast/processed food. Eat healthily, and stay fit!

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