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Daily Horoscope for September 24, 2022: Health of Taurus may be affected; good day for Pisces

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for September 25, 2022. Read on and share with your friends.

astrology Daily Horoscope for September 25 2022 gcw
First Published Sep 25, 2022, 12:30 AM IST

Ganesha says:
 A meeting with a loved one will be very beneficial. You may get inspiration for a particular work. A gift can be received from a loved one. There will be proper harmony in
income and expenditure. Being dedicated to your work will bring success. Do not be careless while shopping. Someone may cheat you, which is likely to cause you a lot of loss. Don't
ignore children's activities. Do not negotiate with anyone in matters related to money. There is a possibility of getting a good deal in property related business.

Ganesha says:
 Most of the day will be spent in family and personal activities. You will be able to complete all the work very easily. Time can fly very well. Blindly trusting other people's words and advice can be harmful. There will be deficiency in stamina. Be careful, some of your secrets may be exposed. In business one can get proper support of staff and employees Harmony with each other will be maintained in married life. Joint pain or upset stomach may increase the problem.

Ganesha says:
 Spend some time in solitary contemplation. It will increase your morale and also get proper guidance. Accomplishing a great work can bring happiness. Helping a close
relative in their troubles will earn you due credit. Don't bring irritability in your nature. There may be disruption in work, at this time it will be advisable to consult someone while taking any particular decision. Receiving some sad news can leave the mind depressed.

Ganesha says:
 Challenges will come up but you will also resolve them peacefully through competence. There is a decent possibility of profit. Having a positive attitude towards tasks
will also increase your efficiency. Do not lose consciousness in the excitement of getting proper success. Neighbours will envy your progress. Sudden arrival of guests in the house
can stop some important work. There will be improvement in the internal system in the field of work.

Ganesha says:
 Loaned or trapped money can be recovered. So keep trying. It is the right time to start the plans that were stuck for a long time. You will also be present in social functions. Getting sad news about a relative will affect your performance. Don't let stress and irritability overwhelm you. There is a possibility of financial loss. Take decision with mind instead of heart in work area. Due to excessive work, you will not be able to give proper time to your family.

Ganesha says:
 You will be able to complete a particular task in a planned manner. Financial side will be satisfactory. Maintaining a balance between work and family will lead to a
proper arrangement. If there is a dispute related to a family property, control your anger and impulse. Don't take any important decision on your emotions. If there is a plan to start a new work related to business then the time is favourable to start it.

Ganesha says:
 For those who are interested in the field of politics, positions are becoming yoga for gaining prestige. You will get some good news through phone or media. The boundaries of contacts will expand. Students will get success in competition and competition. In the afternoon, the planetary position will be slightly unfavourable. A personal concern may remain. Due to which you may feel helpless and alone. You may also have to take a break for a few things.

Ganesha says:
 The planetary position will be positive. Keeping striving towards the goal will make you successful. At this time, ongoing disputes with a relative will be resolved and the
relationship will also be sweet. If you are planning to buy land, check the papers etc. properly. Also keep in mind that there is a possibility of falling out with a person whom you trust a lot today. Today you can be busy with work all day. Try to settle disputes with brothers regarding wealth or division peacefully.

Ganesha says:
 Dedication and concentration towards your goal will bring you forward. People will appreciate your competence. You will spend free time in reading some favourite works and literature. Decisions made in haste and carelessness can cause financial loss. There is a possibility of some loss or quarrel related to land. Due to which there will be a state of despair in the mind. Business related to partnership will improve and proper orders will also be received by phone.

Ganesha says:
 The day will give some mixed effect. But you'll make it through the day with a positive outlook and the warmth and company of an experienced person. Spiritual activities
will keep you refreshed in body and mind. Take decision regarding financial investment carefully. Disappointment and negative thought may arise in the mind regarding something.
It is necessary to take the help of spirit in search of peace and tranquillity. Due to business difficulties, it will be appropriate to discuss with someone's advice.

Ganesha says:
 You will have a special role in solving the problems of a close relative. Your competence and skills will stand out to the society. The limit of contacts will increase. Leverage these contacts. Be careful while using social media. Do not violate the traffic rules; otherwise you may land in trouble. Try to complete all tasks today with great patience and restraint. To be transparent with each other in the business related to the partnership.

Ganesha says:
 Most of today's time will be spent according to one's own mind and in activities like hobbies. So you will get relief from daily stress. All the members of the household will plan together to maintain the family order. Be aware that there may be disruption in the work done with someone's help. Don't ignore children's company and activities. Currently the income status will be normal. Government affairs will continue as before.

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