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5 reasons you should wear sunscreen even during winters

Wearing sunscreen daily during summer and spring is easy since you anticipate exposure to the sun's harmful rays. But should you wear sunscreen even in winter? The answer can surprise you, but it is essential to wear sunscreen even in those cold, not-so-sunny winter months.

5 reasons you should wear sunscreen even during winters sur
First Published Nov 22, 2022, 12:45 PM IST

No matter where you are inside, working at your desk by the pool, on a flight, on a brunch date, on a brunch date, or in the gym, you should always apply sunscreen. Additionally, as no gender applies to the skin, sunscreen is a must for both. So the sun's damaging rays affect both men and women equally. Make SPF your best friend! Both male and female must maintain their largest organ. SPF stands for Skin Protection Factor, and all sunscreens come with a number next to it which shows how well protection it provides besides how well it protects from sunburns. People have different skin types; some have dry, oily or sensitive skin, and their skin has to be protected, so it is always advised to buy sunscreen which suits your skin type.

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Shielding from the sun's damaging rays your precious skin: The earth receives 80% of the sun's rays on gloomy days, too. Harmful rays damage the skin, and SPF prevents skin damage. Using sunscreen is a must thing for everybody.

Skin tone needs to be equalised:  Using sunscreen helps to have a more even skin tone it prevents discolouration and dark spots and smoother skin brought on by UV exposure.

Avoids tanning pointlessly: While sunscreens don't wholly stop tanning, they help people's skin from getting burned while they are outside without any worries.

The likelihood of Skin cancer can be significantly decreased: Sun exposure causes three different types of skin cancer due to sun exposure, so using an SPF frequently, out or in.

Prevents age-related issues; Applying sunscreen regularly for scrutinising young UV-induced skin photoaging results in sun damage and contributes to sagging lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Use good quality sunscreen regularly to guard against UV radiation's damaging effects, including sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, and cancer.

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