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5 effective ways to keep your mattresses clean

We spend one-third of our life on our beds. Most of us the pillowcases and bedsheets and consider our beds clean while we completely forget that maintaining the hygiene of our mattresses is equally important. 

5 effective ways to keep your mattresses clean sur
First Published Dec 5, 2022, 12:57 PM IST

On average, an individual spends one-third of their life in their beds, mostly watching sitcoms, sleeping, relaxing or probably reading. Overall, a person spends more time in bed than in any other corner of their house. But, surprisingly, where we spend half of our lives is where we fail to clean. And we mean the mattress. We change the pillowcases and bedsheets and consider our beds clean while forgetting that maintaining our mattress's hygiene is equally essential. Here are five quick and simple techniques to clean your mattress. 

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Vacuum Clean your Mattress: This is the first thing you should do. Vacuum clean the top edges and side of your mattress after taking off your covers, sheets and mattress protector. Vacuuming will help you eliminate pet hairs, filth, dust gathered over time, and food crumbs from your late-night snacking sessions.

Keep your mattress spot free and stainless: It is essential to clean it according to the type of stain. You may have unintentionally spilt red wine, tea, or coffee on the bed. Always clean these spots immediately, as removing them once they get dry and developing a chemical link with the material will be more challenging. Protein-based stains like sweat, urine, or blood can be easily removed.

Use Baking Soda to Deodorize the mattress: This magic trick can make it smell good. Sprinkle a thin coat of baking soda on the surface of your mattress and leave it for some hours. Your mattress will become smell fresh and will also be clean. Also, if there is any extra fluid from the stain removal process will get absorbed by it. But please note that you must vacuum all the baking soda and ensure it is appropriately removed from everywhere.

Try to keep your mattress in the fresh air: It is impossible to move your mattress whenever you need that extra layer of sunshine, but if it is done, it is a great way to get rid of bacteria naturally.

Don't forget to wash sheets, covers, and pillowcases: While cleaning your mattress, give your sheets, bed linens and pillowcases a nice wash. Germs can also be found in the bedspreads that shield and cover the mattress. Dust and mites can be removed with a good wash in hot water. Cleaning your mattress is as essential as cleaning your covers and bedsheets. You should clean your mattress at least once every six months. Try to do this every three months. Also, try cleaning the stain immediately.

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