Ask any movie star their secret to glowing and flawless skin, they all vouch on the benefits of drinking water but as the saying goes too much of something can go bad a woman was hospitalised from overdosing on water.


The 59-year-old woman had increased her water intake after doctors advised her to drink plenty of fluids when developed symptoms of a urinary tract infection but the woman drank so much of water that she became fatally ill and had to be admitted to King's College Hospital in London.


 Health experts found that salt level in her body had come down to a dangerous level and the patient was vomiting several times and complained of speech difficulties.


A panel of 17 experts from around the world have collaboratively written guidelines on the safest way to drink water without overdosing. According to the guidelines published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine using ones innate thirst mechanism is the best way to guide fluid consumption.


According to NHS England adult, women need roughly 1.6 litres of fluids, in general, a day and men around two litres, to keep the body working efficiently.