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Fed up with Gender Stereotyping? This video calls out why this differentiation

  • Her products come in packs of light colours while male products often comes in dark packs, especially black
  • Big brands use pro-tools and science imagery for men's products
  • A pattern is set that women like it light and soft
Think twice before buying bodycare products video

One of the worst things in the world is gendering, be it a dress, accessories or toys and when it comes to beauty products there is more 'pinkifying' and 'virility' than the gender itself. Products that line the shelves of drug stores are specifically targeted for each sex. 

Sexism is apparent in products and is starkly evident, especially when it is fairness creams. Big brands market gender specific products using stereotypical ideas of feminity and masculinity. Men's products are often depicted as dark ones that tend towards science imagery or pro-tool types while women's showcase fruits, flowers and soft colours. 

For every body care product in the market, the differentiation is so conspicuous. 

Can't believe? Watch this video where a 22-year-old college student compares the colour-gender difference. He states it quite beautifully that a pattern is set that men like it dark and never light colours. 



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