Everyone knows how dangerous cancer is. Depending on the type of cancer, it can be cured, treated or even fatal. 

However, there are lesser-known and more subtle signs of cancer that most people ignore. While not everything is related to cancer, one must have it checked out before it’s too late.


Steady and never-ending pain:

When you have a steady and persistent pain, particularly in your shoulder , arm, the chest  or abdomen area, have it checked out.
Possible indications:  Lung or ovarian cancer.


Unusual weight loss or gain:     

weight loss

Weight loss is good. Unexpected weight loss, not so much, especially if it’s rather out of the ordinary; The same holds true for weight gain. Anything more than gaining or losing weight of around 7 kgs, is a red flag.  
Possible indications:  Pancreatic


Bad breath: 

bad breath

Mostly, this is of poor oral hygiene. Or if you’re on a particular diet, medication or a heavy smoker, but if its persistent, and has an unusual smell, get it tested.  The same holds true if you have trouble swallowing, too.
Possible indications:  Mouth, oesophageal  or larynx cancer


Sudden bleeding:


If you experience unexpected bleeding that’s not part of your menstrual cycle, or you experience unexpected blood in your stools, get yourself to the doctor.
Possible indications: Colo-rectal or cervical cancer.



Constant coughing:  

If you’ve been coughing for more than two weeks, even post the flu season, or if you happen to cough up blood, then it could be a sign of cancer.
Possible indications: Lung or throat cancer