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Gray hair at 18? Here's what you can do

  • It is advisable to consult a doctor as severe health disorders are also likely to lead to hair greying
  • Lifestyle choices and nutritional deficiency have been related to loss of hair colour
  • Those addicted to junk food are likely to lose their natural hair colour at a very young age
prevent graying of hair

Gray hair happens to all at some stage. But if you have come early to the greying game don't keep blaming genetics. A lot of factors including stress, lack of nutrition and even pollution can turn you into a silver fox. "Whitening of hair before 20 years of age amounts to premature greying," Dr. K. Abdul Samad, Dermatology Department, a professor at the Trivandrum medical college, told Asianet News.  

Here are few methods to battle greying hair.

1. Heredity

prevent graying of hair


Though heredity is often associated with premature greying, don't rule out the possibility of some serious disorders that might have cause whitening of hair. Dr. Samad says it's always advisable to consult a doctor. The only remedy available for those with a heredity of premature greying is a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you don't lack any nutrients and have a healthy body.  



2. Lack of melanin

prevent graying of hair


Melanin is the pigment that gives colour to your hair. When the hair follicles stop melanin production, your hair presents itself as white, grey or silver. In such situations, the doctor will prescribe vitamins, including vitamin B12, biotin vitamin and nicotinic acid. Consuming essential vitamins and specific supplements are likely to help you regain lost hair colour, Dr. Samad observes. 


3. Nutritional deficiency

prevent graying of hair

There is no doubt that healthy eating habits can guarantee natural colour for your hair. Samad suggests an increased supply of vitamin A and beta-carotenes. Carrots, papaya, tomato, green leaves, melon and spinach, are rich sources of beta-carotene and vitamin A. 


4. Healthy lifestyle

prevent graying of hair

Smoking, junk foods and stress often lead to greying of hair. Smoking releases free radicals leading to oxidative stress affecting your bodies ability to produce melanin. Junk food habit leads to deposition of Advanced Glycation Endproducts that accelerates ageing resulting in loss of hair colour. A healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle could help keep your hair colour robust. 

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