Holy water turned into wine at this church, but its not what you were expecting

First Published 10, Sep 2017, 6:17 PM IST
Holy Water turned into wine at this church but not how you expect it
  • Jesus Christ is known to have performed a miracle in which he turned water into wine
  • Pranksters in a French church decided to replicate the miracle but it was not the kind of Holy Spirit you's like to see
  • They replaced all the holy water in the church with alcohol

You have to have a sense of humour to read what’s happening.

Tourists in the French town of Chateau-Chalon were at the receiving end of this prank.  France is known for umpteen Christian pilgrimage centres in the form of magnificent chapels and beautiful churches.

Jesus Christ had performed a miracle wherein he had changed water into wine at a wedding in Cana. At one of the churches in the Chateau, local pranksters replaced the fonts’ holy water with alcohol. Churchgoers bless themselves with this holy water and make the sign of the cross before entering and leaving the church. The incident was reported by the local tourism office.

Some of the tourists were immediately able to tell the difference in the water and the clear fruit brandy that was put in, instead. One of the tourists asked if using a spirit instead of Holy water was the custom there and that's when officials were forced to investigate. It was not the Holy Spirit you'd like to encounter. 

It was discovered that a  litre of brandy had been poured into both of the fonts. Since the church was not regularly used for mass, the fonts used to remain empty and were used to trick unsuspecting tourists.

The church was holding a festival and so the fonts were immediately emptied and replaced with holy water.

Clearly, the pranksters had thought up a fine joke but not everyone was amused.