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5 little-known condom facts

  • Condoms have been around for a very long time
  • Here are some little-known facts that you may have not known of
condom facts


Here are some little-known condom facts: 


1. Condoms are really, really old
So, condoms are not really a modern invention. The oldest surviving condom is said to have come from a place called Lund in Sweden in 1640 AD. This was made from pigs’ intestine which could be reused. Yes, reused. It is claimed that warm milk was used to clean it to avoid diseases. However, condom usage dates back even further; ancient literature texts show that condoms were used during the ancient Egyptian and Roman times using linen as well as intestines and bladder of animals like goats, sheep, and pigs. In China, silk paper sheaths were used, while Japan opted for tortoise shells, and sometimes leather.



2. Rubber condoms were introduced 1855:
Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, rubber condoms came into being.  By the 1920s, latex was introduced. Young Rubber Company in the US was the first to make latex condoms which we now know as Trojan. In Europe, the London Rubber Company, now known as Durex, sold latex condoms in 1932.



3. Types of Condoms:
So, we all know that there are different types of condoms – ribbed, plain, flavoured etc. In addition to this, there are also vegan and edible ones. A German-based company called Condomi created a vegan based condom made from cocoa powder.  


4. Condom Quality Check
 Ever wondered how quality checks happen to condoms before they are shipped out? Well, the answer is: electric current to see to it that there are no sneaky holes or tears.


 5. Expiry Date & Effectiveness 

 Condoms have a shelf life of 4 years. They need to be stored in a cool dry place. And did you know that condoms are only 97-98 % effective? If you didn’t, it’s time to read the fine print. Or  you're reaction is going to end up being something like this:  


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