Sophia and her lover Arun Kamalakshan have been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering her husband Sam, a Malayali in Melbourne. Arun Kamalakshan was sentenced to 27 years in jail. Sophia has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. Sam Abraham, a resident of Punalur, was found dead on October 14, 2015, in Melbourne. 


The wife said she was sleeping with her husband and her six-year-old son. Early morning, she realised that her husband was dead. The primary conclusion was that this death was due to a heart attack. But the post-mortem report revealed that cyanide was inside his body. Police have arrested Sophia and Arun after months of investigation. 


The court had earlier found that there was an underlying link between Sam's murder and Sophia. Arun Kamalakshan was the alleged conspirator of the killing, and the court said that this is murder, executed after three years of clear plan and preparation. 


 Arun's wife, child and elderly parents in Kerala are not able to come to terms with Arun's sentencing yet.  Arun's parents and his wife had written to the court, the judge said. 


Arun, who has been sentenced to 27 years in jail, will not get parole for 23 years. Sophia, who has been sentenced to 22 years in prison, has to wait for 18 years to get her parole. The court convicted her for  22 years imprisonment by clarifying that: "Sofia doesn't feel any guilt after three years of her husband's death." Justice Koglann said he has not even seen any other similar case. 


Sophia has requested the court to reduce her sentence for her nine-year-old son.  The court ruled that the son is now with Sophia's sister and he is safe. The court said that Sophia had a massive role to play in the murder. The court observed that Sam could not have been killed without Sophia's knowledge and that she had a direct role.