The police have started an investigation about a woman cheating a Technopark employee, by marrying her. The cheating case was registered on a former Techno Park employee who married a woman by hiding the truth about her sex from the partner for seven years.

The story begins from Thiruvananthapuram Technopark. The girl was in love with a 'boy' named Sreeram at Technopark. They were dating for seven years. Sreeram had to leave his job at Technopark after three years and joined some other company, but they stayed in touch with each other mostly through phone conversation.

Girl's family was not happy with this relationship but went on to fix her marriage with Sreeram as they cared about their daughter's happiness. The suspicion started when Sreeram entered the wedding hall alone without any of his family members or even a friend. However, the couple got married on the same day in the presence of the girl's family and friends. However, still not happy with the situation, the girl's family took away her gold before the couple were to set out to start their life together.

But to the shock of the girl, during the first night, she came to know that Sreeram was not a man but a woman. She decided to leave Sreeram and returned to her parent's house shocked and heartbroken. 

The girls family has not filed a complaint with the police in this regard yet. However, one of the girl's neighbours have filed a complaint and the police are investigating the matter. 

The girl's relatives or the police are not ready to speak about the incident with the media.