These pictures of Kiara will make you go awww

First Published 10, Oct 2017, 6:35 PM IST
Muktha daughter Kiara pictures
  • Actress Muktha and her husband Rinku Tomy shared the latest pictures of her daughter on Facebook
  • The little princess looks cute and adorable in her green and white dress
  • Muktha is married to Rinku Tomy, the brother of singer Rimi Tomy

Latest pictures of Kiara, the daughter of actress Muktha and Rinku Tomy has taken social media by storm. Muktha has shared the most recent photos of their little angel on her Facebook wall. 

There is no doubt that the little princess looks adorable in a green and white dress. The proud parents always share their beautiful moments with cure Kiara through social media. 

The duo had earlier shared the photos of Kiara on her first birthday. 

Muktha got married to Rinku, the brother of singer Rimi Tomy in August 2015 and Kiara was born on July 16, 2016.