A Malayalam serial actress, who fled Bengaluru after stealing gold ornaments from her employer, was arrested from Kannur on Tuesday.

Kozhikode native Thanuja, who was residing at a rented home near Temple Gate in Thalassery, was nabbed through the joint efforts of the Kerala and Karnataka police officers, according to reports.

Thanuja, who has acted in TV serials and albums in Malayalam, had been working as a maid at the house of a Payyannur native in Raghuvanahalli near Bengaluru. She disappeared from the house on September 28 with gold ornaments worth 35 sovereigns.

Though the name and address she gave her employer were fake, the Karnataka police found out from her boyfriend, who lived next door, that Thanuja had gone to Kannur. The cops then sought the help of Kerala police, who set up the boyfriend to meet her in Vadakara. However, Thanuja didn't show up for the meeting.

On further inquiry, the Kerala police found Thanuja had an affair with auto driver in Thalassery. The police made him call her and found out about her rented home near Temple Gate. She was arrested and handed over to Karnataka police and later remanded by a court.