Kerala youth drugged with pani puri on train, returns home after four days

First Published 13, Oct 2017, 4:51 PM IST
Kerala youth drugged with pani puri on train looted
  • David, a native of Thrissur, went missing during a train journey
  • The youth was drugged and looted on the train while he was on the way to Shillong
  • He suspects that his co-passenger drugged him and David woke up only after two days

In a mysterious case, a Keralite youth who went missing on Monday has returned home after four days. The 21-year-old went missing during a train journey to Shillong but safely returned home after four days. 

David O Baby, a native of Thrissur, was travelling from Darjeeling to Shillong when he went missing. The MA MCJ student of English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong, was on a solo trip to collect pictures for the college journal. 

The family and friends lost contact with the youth from Monday. They even tried to get in touch with him by contacting municipality and taluk offices of both Darjeeling and Shillong to trace David. 

On returning home after four days, David said that he was drugged and robbed on the train. "I was returning home and had a lot of baggage including my laptop, DSLR camera and other valuables. As the train stopped at a local station, I got out of it to have some food. A co-passenger offered to buy 'pani puri' for me, and I trusted him. I don't remember anything after that and is afraid that they drugged me," David said. 

The youth woke up after two days, and by that, he was looted. He was also facing dehydration and could not stand up or walk. However, he managed to get to Railway Protection Force office nearby. He then filed a complaint and contacted family. The RPF officials also gave some money to him with which he managed to get home. 

David is still in a state of shock and cannot believe that he lost all his valuables after trusting a stranger.