Kummanam Rajasekharan, Mizoram Governor, said on June 20 that his life is dedicated to the nation and its people. Talking at a public reception, he said he was sent to Mizoram to perform specific constitutional duties. 

Rajasekharan said, "I will perform the constitutional duties with love, compassion and by upholding values of humanity." He also said that his answer was a no when those holding responsibilities asked him to do undertake the duty. When the President entrusted a massive task on him, he thought a lot on the subject. 

He then asked the Prime Minister whether he is qualified for the position. He said that the Prime Minister apparently said that his reply that he is not eligible for the post is his eligibility. Thus the Prime Minister told him to accept the job as a challenge, and then he did not think twice after that.

Kummanam said some people had underestimated him. Some people had allegedly called him communal and regressive. The brickbats he received gave him more courage, he said. 

In the speech, he recollected all those people with love. It was his colleagues, who gave him the strength to go forward in adverse situations. Though his views were misunderstood, the situation changed later, he said.
Kummanam further said that he has worked hard for religious amity. He believes that the governor’s post is a recognition for his duty he did for the party.