Students of PES college have created a system to send alerts to parents of motorists for rash driving or over-speeding. The system has been developed for two-wheelers for the time being, and it is capable of detecting multiple issues of the vehicle.

The system can detect and send alerts for complete or partial brake failure, poor maintenance of engine, and also automatically stop the vehicle by switching off the engine for issues like overheating. 

This fool-proof system has been created by five final year students of Diploma in Automobiles at PES Polytechnic College – Amitesh, Akshay Avadhavy, Girish J, Suhas S Gowda and Dileep Kumar. 

Currently, the system can send alert to parents or the owner of the vehicle for rash driving. However, it can be upgraded to send alerts to traffic control room for booking the traffic violator automatically. 

How the system works: 

Using a gyro sensor, the device detects rash riding and over-speeding. If the bike bends beyond 100 degrees or lesser than 70 degrees than gyro sensor detects it and alert a micro-controller unit. This unit then sends alert to parents of the rider or vehicle owner. Apart from the alert, this system can turn off the ignition of the bike automatically after a few minutes. 

To detect the condition of the engine the unit has a temperature sensor near the engine, and to detect brake failure the system has infrared (IR) sensor. 

The students who developed this system have been inspired by various real-life situations that they personally faced, the Bangalore Mirror reported. From their personal experience, the students observed that the most accidents are caused due to brake failure, poor vehicle maintenance or negligent and rash riding. Therefore, they developed this device that detects all these issues.