True to his image of being Sandalwood's 'Real Star', Upendra announced that he will float a new political party tentatively called 'Prajakiya'. Although, Upendra is not the first Sandalwood actor to take a plunge into politics, his decision to float a new party is a first. While his decision has been lapped up by his legion of fans, Upendra's sketchy solutions to the problems that plague society suggest unpreparedness on his part.

Upendra has been claiming that his party would be quite different from other political parties. Today's political parties survive on money, muscle and mass power for their survival - he claimed. "These days, it is preconceived that unless one has the support of money, muscle or mass (people), it is not possible to become a politician. I want to defy that. I intend to make a party where no money is involved," Upendra claimed.

He had gone on to say that money is the problem of everything in politics. So, he is ditching money as his first step to make a clean political party. Undoubtedly, his intentions are noble and unique but Upendra has not yet shared in detail how exactly he is going to do it.

Despite back-to-back interviews and extensive talk shows, Upendra has not spelt out a concrete plan. Perhaps those who may want to join his initiative by keeping their faith in him should expect more than just one-liners from an actor of Upendra's stature.

Through his 'Prajakiya', Upendra wants to redefine the democracy. According to him, in today's democracy, politicians are the king while the common man are his servants. But in 'Prajabhutva', 'Praja' is the king, Upendra had said. "It's time we stop addressing the ordinary man as common man. He is in fact, an extraordinary man and we must accept that," Upendra had said.

But what Upendra has failed to understand that even every politician (today) believes that "people are god". But what they do in reality is there for everyone to see. How is Upendra's party different from these politicians is yet to be explained. 

Let us consider his plans to address tax evaders. "The ministers and the officials earn their salary from the taxes paid by the common man but they are not receiving anything good in return. No one knows where their money is going." This is well and good, but the actor went to say his ministers, if elected, would be paid from taxes and serve the common man. 

But Upendra himself mentioned ministers and the officials get their salaries from taxes paid by the common man even now. He has not explained how his ministers would be different. How will his party's policies be different from the existing system is not yet clear.

During the media briefing at his resort, Ruppis Resort, Upendra's answers to journalists' queries remained inconclusive and non-confirmative. Apart from making emotional statements to make his intentions clear, Upendra seemed to be repeating himself without saying anything concrete. Unless he spells out the mechanism he would adopt to change the system so drastically, he may perhaps not receive the response that is shown to his movies.

However, as he says "Someone has to try and I'm glad that I'm at least making an attempt at it. I'm not bothered about the win or loss."