The City Armed Reserve (CAR) unit of the Bengaluru police has made the news for all the wrong reasons.


There has been reports of religious discrimination as the Deputy Commissioner allegedly ordered not to allow Hindu policemen on duty if they have applied bhasma (sacred ash) or chandan (sandalwood paste) on their forehead, or tied the sacred thread on their body.


However, DCP Kishore Babu, has played down the reports saying that the information is false.  


"No officer will issue such orders as it does not make any sense. The department cannot ask the cops on duty to stop applying bhasma on their forehead, or not to tie sacred thread on their hand," he said.


When asked about the false reports that has caused some panic among the cops in CAR, Kishore said, "We need to find out from where such news is being spread. Many senior officers called me up and I had given clarification."


According to reports, the top cop also asked policewomen not to wear earrings or bangles. However, sources in CAR said there are no women in the unit currently and these rumours could be the handiwork of a few disgruntled cops.


"The manual does say about earrings and bangles but asking policemen to avoid applying bhasma on forehead or tying the sacred threat is false news," a source said.