The ever growing metropolitan has posed a challenge to safety of women.  A lone woman travelling at night is a risk with danger lurking at every corner.  But women cannot shun from moving out and in today’s world travel is an integral part of a working woman. Hence to make it safe for women to travel safely a Start Up company in the City, 2 IIT Kharagpur graduates Nitish Rastogi and Geet Garg have developed a new app RideSafetyApp.

The app tracks your exact location and time to you and your chosen contact person. When you are travelling by Meru, Ola or Uber does give you the option to show your travel route and the time duration to reach your destination. However, you have to keep checking it. The RideSafetyApp is different in the sense it automatically transmits information about your travel to you and your contact person.

You can go to Play Store and download RideSafetyApp. The user just has to enter where he or she is going and the rest app will take care. In case the driver is taking you on a wrong route you get an alarm sound and your contact will also get the alarm sound. You can also track your travel time and speed.  RideSafetyApp can be downloaded free and is easy to operate.  Download it, use it and be safe.