Congress, BJP leaders in Karnataka blame each over phone tapping

First Published 20, Sep 2017, 11:36 AM IST
Leaders indulge in mudslinging over eves dropping allegations
  • Congress is desperate to win the elections, says Ashok
  • Centre is monitoring phone lines of at least 35 Congress leaders, reacts CM Siddaramaiah
  • Allegations of phone tapping is not new to Karnataka politics

Ahead of elections in Karnataka, political leaders are accusing each other of phone tapping. Former deputy chief minister and BJP leader R Ashok had recently levelled serious charges of phone tapping against the Congress government while addressing a public function in Bidar.

"There has been a tremendous response for the BJP everywhere in the state. People want the BJP government in the State to make the state, a Congress-free state. This has distressed the ruling Congress party. Hence they have resorted to tactics tapping the phone lines of the BJP leaders," said Ashok.

But Chief Minister Siddaramaiah refuted these charges stating that "We do not bend so low." The government does not want to tap the phone lines of the Opposition parties. Instead, the Central government is tapping the phone. "The phone lines of at least 35 Congress leaders are being monitored," reports Kannada Prabha quoting Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Siddaramaiah went on to say that BJP is aware that the Centre was tapping the phones of Congress leaders. "We never made it an issue as we feel that this is a very small issue. We have not raised this issue anywhere too. But now, the BJP is levelling allegations. There is absolutely no truth in it," said Siddaramaiah.

BJP leaders are used to making these false allegations against the Congress government. Now, that the elections are nearing, people of the State know better who is desperate to win the elections, commented Siddaramaiah.

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said that "It's a blatant lie." The Central government has been misusing the agencies like the Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation and Income Tax against the Congress leaders. There is no truth in these allegations, he said.