No more photo shoots in Bengaluru's iconic Cubbon Park?

First Published 16, Jan 2018, 8:04 PM IST
Karnataka No more photo shoots in Cubbon Park Bengaluru pre wedding shoot
  • Soon, entry for photo shoots inside the Cubbon Park in Bengaluru might be banned
  • But if there is demand, henceforth you might have to pay for  the pregnancy, or pre-wedding photo shoots inside the park
  • According to statistics, per day at least 25-30 photo shoots take place inside the park
  • But there are  no restrictions for clicking the photo of the beauty of this iconic place

Cubbon Park in Bengaluru is the destination photo shoot spot for many couples, especially for pregnancy and pre-wedding shoots. But soon, the doors of the park will be shut for such photo shoots.

 The Horticulture Department of Karnataka is contemplating putting an end to the photo shoots in Cubbon Park. The authorities claim that flora and fauna in the park is being disturbed and sometimes destroyed by the people indulging in such shoots.

But there will be no restrictions for people who want to capture the beauty of Cubbon Park in their cameras.

It is also said that the people who come for photo shoots, repeatedly try to shoo the birds sitting on a tree, just to capture the subject with birds flying in the background. The branches are sometimes broken to accommodate a fair view and to adjust the greenery in line with the couple's choice of angle.

The Department is also contemplating charging the couple if they want a photo shoot inside the Cubbon Park, with a condition of not disturbing the birds and destroying the plants, trees.

According to statistics, per day at least 25-30 photo shoots take place inside the park.

A decision will be taken soon in this regard, reported OneIndia as told by Mahanthesh Muragod, Deputy Director of Horticulture Department.