Asha Health Workers end strike as government buckles

karnataka | Saturday, September 9th, 2017
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  • The Asha health workers who were on strike at Freedom Park, had a partial victory
  • The State government agrees to give Rs 3,000 incentive per month
  • This is apart from the incentive they receive from the Central government

The Asha health workers who were on strike at Freedom Park, pressing for various demands, unmindful of rains and wind, have had a partial victory with the State government agreeing to give Rs 3,000 incentive per month, apart from the incentive they receive from Central government from September itself. This will be increased to Rs 3500 in the coming months. The Asha health workers were getting Rs 1,000 per month currently. With the assurance by the government, the protesting workers called off their strike, reports Kannada Prabha.

According to the information provided by the Health department officials, the Asha workers will get the Central government incentives for the 32 health services they provide as well as Rs 3,000 from the State government. The government has also assured them that the faulty Asha Soft software will also be rectified.

The State government has also agreed to their demand of giving Rs 50,000 compensation in case of death, Rs 25,000 in case of deformity, free bus pass, housing and others. The government has also agreed to provide loans up to Rs 2 lakh if the Asha workers form Stri Shakthi Groups, informed Somashekhar, president of the workers' association.

The Asha workers were pressing for Rs 6,000 incentive per month but at least they got a three times hike from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000. They wanted to continue the strike but decided against it following heavy rains. Till the representatives returned from meeting, the workers were sitting in rain along with their children and their condition was pathetic. As they were finding it difficult to protest amidst rains, they withdrew their protest. At least three workers were admitted to hospital as they were drenched in rain and slept in the open for three days.

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