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YouTuber assaulted in Karnataka for song praising PM Modi, forced to chant 'Pakistan Zindabad' (WATCH)

In Karnataka, YouTuber Rohit Kumar faced a brutal assault and coercion after sharing a song praising PM Narendra Modi. Reportedly attacked by a group, including a Muslim individual offended by the content, Rohit was subjected to verbal abuse, physical assault, and forced slogans in favour of Pakistan. The incident has sparked outrage, with police verifying details and promising a thorough investigation.

YouTuber assaulted in Karnataka for song praising PM Modi, forced to chant 'Pakistan Zindabad' (WATCH) vkp
First Published Apr 20, 2024, 2:46 PM IST

A shocking incident has emerged from Karnataka, where YouTuber Rohit Kumar faced brutal assault and coercion after sharing a composition applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rohit, a resident of Mellahalli village, recounted the harrowing experience, stating that he was attacked by a group of individuals while sharing the link to his song.

The altercation took a violent turn when one of the individuals, reportedly a Muslim, took offence to the song's content, which glorified PM Modi. Rohit described the sequence of events, mentioning that he was subjected to verbal abuse, physical assault, and humiliating actions.

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According to Rohit's account, he was forcibly taken into a room where he endured further brutality. He was coerced into shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan, an act entirely against his will. The assailants, in a display of utter disregard for humanity, also molested him, poured beer on him, burned his hands with cigarettes, and inflicted severe beatings.

Rohit, in disbelief and shock, recounted the distressing events. "Just last week, I uploaded a song praising PM Modi and was promoting my channel, urging everyone to subscribe. Suddenly, one person, who I later found out was Muslim, approached from the nearby government guest house," he narrated. "Without warning, they started hurling abuses at me for supporting Prime Minister Modi. Then, they forced me to chant 'Pakistan Zindabad' and violently snatched a picture of Lord Ram from my grasp, before subjecting me to further humiliation."

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Thanks to the timely intervention of the Nazarbad Police, Rohit was spared from further harm. He was promptly rescued and received the necessary medical attention. However, the incident has deeply shaken the local community and stirred outrage among online users.

Addressing the issue, Mysuru Police Commissioner Ramesh B commented, "We are currently verifying the information. If Rohit files a complaint, we will promptly share updates. The government guest house is equipped with CCTV cameras, and we will thoroughly examine the footage as part of our investigation."

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