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Karnataka: Buffaloes featured in 'Kantara' film win top spot at Namma Kambala, spark joyous finale

The Bengaluru Kambala, debuting in the city, drew over eight lakh attendees in two days, sparking plans for an annual event. Spectators flooded the palace grounds, drawn by carpet races and engaging coastal commentators. The event showcased coastal cuisine and culminated in Rishabh Shetty's buffalo-winning senior category in 'Kantara,' navigating 6.5 feet of water.

Karnataka: Buffaloes featured in 'Kantara' film win top spot at Namma Kambala, spark joyous finale vkp
First Published Nov 27, 2023, 9:08 AM IST

The renowned 'Namma Kambala' event in Bengaluru witnessed a spectacular display as buffaloes featured in the movie 'Kantara,' starring actor-director Rishabh Shetty, clinched the top spot in the Kambala competition. 

Organized by the Bengaluru Kambala Committee, the Kambala Games debuted in the capital city, drawing an astonishing turnout of over eight lakh attendees within just two days. The overwhelming success has sparked aspirations to make the Kambala an annual event in Bengaluru, with plans for future editions in Mumbai.

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Sunday marked a bustling day at the event, with the palace grounds brimming with enthusiastic spectators eager to witness the exhilarating carpet races. The turnout for the carpet cones race doubled from the previous day, with crowds flocking to catch the live broadcast on the LED screens. Notably, even the city's IT professionals, who typically opt for weekend treks or visit clubs and pubs, were captivated by the Kambala's allure.

Adding to the event's charm were approximately 30 witty commentators from the coastal regions, offering entertaining and humorous insights into the Kambala races. These commentators, changing every four hours, engaged the audience with their comedic yet informative commentary on the carpet race rules. As night fell, vibrant electric lights illuminated the palace grounds, complementing the melodious tunes played by the mela musicians, and enthralling the gathered crowd.

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The gastronomic delights at the food court continued to captivate food enthusiasts on the event's second day. Attendees savoured a variety of coastal dishes, relishing delectable seafood such as bangude, angel, shrimp, murawai, bootai, crab, and more. Additionally, visitors indulged in purchasing regional specialities like Kuchalakki rice, Mandakki, Jalebi, Mithai, and Ladu, enhancing their lunchtime experience.

In a thrilling culmination, the buffaloes used by Rishabh Shetty in 'Kantara' secured the first prize in the senior section of the 'Namma Kambala-Bangalore Kambala.' Bolambally Parameshwar Bhatta's Appu-Kutti Konas emerged victorious, navigating a remarkable 6.5 feet of water among seven pairs of rugs participating in the competition.

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