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Karnataka: Animals in Bannerghatta Biological Park to be provided with vegetable, fruit candies amid heatwave

Bannerghatta Biological Park in India is combating scorching temperatures by introducing cooling food treats like fruit and vegetable lollipops and ice candies for its animal residents. Biologist Aishwarya emphasizes the importance of providing comfort during summer, with initiatives including water spraying and mud pits for cooling activities. The park aims to ensure animals not only survive but thrive in the heat.

Karnataka: Animals in Bannerghatta Biological Park to be provided with vegetable, fruit candies amid heatwave vkp
First Published Apr 6, 2024, 12:34 PM IST

Amidst scorching temperatures reaching 36-38 degrees Celsius in Bannerghatta, the staff at the Biological Park have stepped up efforts to ensure the well-being of their animal residents. Through innovative measures including specialized cooling food and dynamic activity setups, the park aims to protect its inhabitants from the sweltering heat and dehydration.

One such initiative involves the introduction of specialized cooling food in the form of lollipops and ice candies crafted from a variety of fruits and vegetables. These unique treats not only offer a refreshing respite but also provide essential nutrients to sustain the animals through the hot summer days. 

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From deer to monkeys and bears, the inhabitants of the park are delighting in these culinary delights, ensuring their well-being amidst the challenging climate.

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Biologist Aishwarya shed light on the natural inclination of animals towards cooler environments during the summer months.  "We understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for our animal residents, especially during the peak of summer," remarked Aishwarya. "Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure that they not only survive but thrive amidst the challenging weather conditions."

To cater to this preference, the park has implemented measures such as water spraying through drip irrigation, creating a cooler ambience throughout the garden.  Additionally, to accommodate animals that enjoy wallowing in mud, mud and water pits have been strategically placed and kept replenished with water, allowing the creatures to indulge in their preferred cooling activity.

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