Kolkata: A tragic incident took place in Howrah amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. A woman’s husband died due to COVID-19. After completing the final rites at the crematorium, the woman returned home and, shortly after, killed her son and then committed suicide. Police, who received information from her neighbours, recovered the bodies of the mother and son by breaking open the door of the locked house.

The shocking incident took place in Rajapur Police Station area of Uluberia. It is reported that Debnath Dey, a man in his 50s, was a resident of Raghunathpur area. He worked in a factory. Debnath was admitted to hospital after falling ill for several days. He died in hospital.

Hospital authorities did not hand over the body of the deceased to his family as the COVID test reports of the patient had not arrived. As per protocol, the body of the deceased will not be handed over to the family as long as the COVID test reports do not arrive.

Later, Debnath’s COVID report showed that he tested positive for Covid-19. The health department sent his body to the Shibpur crematorium in Howrah for burial.

According to police sources, Debnath’s wife Anushree Devi performed her husband's last rites at Shibpur crematorium. She then returned home and closed the main door of the house. Nobody in the neighbourhood dared to visit the house as people were panicked after hearing that her husband was COVID-19 positive. Neighbours felt suspicious after not hearing any sound from the house for a long time.

Few worried neighbours then approached the house. They peeped through the window and found that Pritam, a boy of 18 years, who suffered from a disability, was lying on the ground. The neighbours quickly informed police.

Police arrived and broke down the door of the locked house and recovered the bodies of the mother and son. The bodies were sent for autopsy. It was later known that Anushree Devi was suffering from depression. She, reportedly, killed her son by choking him and then committed suicide. Police have filed a case regarding the incident and have started an investigation.