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Viral video: Multi-vehicle crash at Yamuna Expressway creates chaos, people steal chicken (WATCH)

Chaos erupted when a truck carrying chickens met with an accident on Agra National Highway due to dense fog on Wednesday. The truck had chickens and hens worth lakhs. Onlookers seized the opportunity, and were seen hastily collecting chickens and fleeing the scene.

Viral video Multi vehicle crash at Yamuna Expressway creates chaos people steal chicken watch gcw
First Published Dec 27, 2023, 4:16 PM IST

The dramatic event transpired on the Yamuna Motorway in Greater Noida as well as the Agra Mathura Firozabad national highway, underscoring the difficulties presented by heavy fog in the wee hours. Surprisingly, not everyone was distracted by the chaos of the cars in the midst of the chaos.

As the locals gathered at the crash site, an unexpected diversion caught their attention. It turned out that one of the vehicles involved in the multi-vehicular crash was transporting live poultry, specifically broiler chickens bred for meat production. Seizing this unexpected windfall, the locals swiftly shifted their focus from the accident to a more peculiar pursuit – looting chickens.

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Visuals from the pile-up site showed at least three vehicles, including trucks, damaged in the pile-up caused by the dense fog cover north India woke up to this morning.

The authorities discovered a delivery of live chickens worth up to Rs. 1.50 lakh after pushing the wrecked vehicles aside. The information circulated fast among the spectators, starting an impromptu chicken-looting frenzy.

Some individuals, displaying a keen sense of enterprise, arrived with sacks to maximise their loot. Whether on foot or on bikes, these opportunistic locals seemed to have elaborate plans for multiple trips.


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Videos circulating on the internet captured the scene of people climbing onto the vehicle to capitalise on this unexpected “opportunity.” 

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