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Tired of potholes? Anand Mahindra has a solution, calls it 'essential for India'

Anand Mahindra has suggested a solution to repair the potholes on highways and important roads within minutes. The video has gone viral. But are the governments ready for it?

Tired of potholes Anand Mahindra has a solution calls it essential for India gcw
New Delhi, First Published Aug 3, 2022, 6:15 PM IST

Anand Mahindra, an industrialist, frequently shares social media postings that vary from funny to motivational. The Mahindra Group chairman has since added another film to the collection, this one highlighting a product he believes may find a large audience in India. Mahindra included a clip of a road patch in a tweet that serves as a waterproof coating over fractures and fissures and fills potholes on roadways.

The patch is positioned in the video as an alternative to the traditional road-repairing technique, which is "time-consuming and frequently makes the road unusable for some time," and is made by the US-based business American Road Patch.

Sharing the clip, Mahindra said, “I would say this is an innovation that's essential for India. Some building/construction material company needs to either emulate this or collaborate with this firm and get it out here pronto.”

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Every year, an additional amount of the budget is set up for the upkeep and repair of deteriorating roads and potholes. The scenario goes bad and out of control during the rains.

Potholes become waterproof thanks to the American Road Patch, which is discussed in the video. High-quality asphalt, polymer, and geosynthetic fibreglass are used to construct the road patch. The patch provides a watertight barrier when it is put to roadways, filling up cracks and potholes. The patch may be applied to both asphalt and concrete road surfaces thanks to the adhesive backing. The company asserts that this is far superior to conventional road repair methods and offers a long-lasting fix for potholes and fractures in roadways.

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It can be used to repair potholes, preserve concrete cracks, seal manhole surrounds, seal utility cuts, fill low spots, repair uneven bridge joints, repair speed bumps, and more. Airports, commercial paving businesses, public works departments (PWDs), property management, among others, can utilise it.

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