Legendary singer SP Balasubramaniam has proved he is real fighter. The singer, who was admitted to hospital after he tested positive for coronavirus, is not only doing better, but also listens and taps to music and even attempted to sing.

His son SP Charan who released a video last evening said he met his father, who tried to communicate, but could not hold paper.

However, he is improving and responding to treatment.

"There is slight improvement in his lungs. Having said that, I should inform everyone that I did visit my father and he was more awake today than the day before yesterday and he responded much better. He did write something to communicate to me, but he is still not able to hold paper properly," Charan said in an Instagram video.

He concluded saying, "He is listening and tapping to music, trying to sing also. I am very happy for the improvement. These are very good signs of dad's recovery. I am very very happy for your love, concern and again thank you for the affection you have shown."