Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government has already announced its plan to start online classes in the latest situation where the Centre has already extended the lockdown for another couple of weeks. But, the situation at the grass root level is not that promising as there are more than 2.61 lakh students in the state, who have no access to internet or TV.

The state has announced that it will start online classes from the first week of June. But a fact-finding survey completed by the department of education has confirmed that the infrastructure to handle such a situation is not promising within the state. The education department is planning to utilise Victers TV channel, Victers Online channel and Youtube, etc, for its online classes. SCERT and KITE are making necessary arrangements for the same. 

The state had collected information regarding 43 lakh students, who have enrolled in the state education system from pre-primary to plus two. Out of the above students, more than 2.61 lakh students are devoid of any resources to participate in such online classes. This is about 6% of the total number of students. 

Wayanad district has the most number of students without internet or TV access. 21,533 students in Wayanad will be unable to attend these classes. 15% of Wayanad students cannot attend online classes due to lack of facilities. This is after taking into account the number of students enrolled in government schools. The number will go up if we consider students studying in aided schools in Kerala.