Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala has started research of vaccines meant for COVID-19, said state health minister KK Shailaja. She confirmed that the research is in collaboration with the ICMR.  The third stage of COVID-19 is extremely risky, said the minister. She also said that the effort from the health department is to avoid deaths in this stage.

Health experts in the state are also expressing doubts whether the virus will appear to be mutated in the later stages of COVID-19. They also said that the people arriving from red zones across the state are highly prone to contracting the disease. The minister said that the state has so far been able to contain the disease and flatten the curve. Now, all the new cases are contracted from people returning from red zones.

The increased probability of contracting the disease via contact is prompting experts to comment that the virus may have undergone mutation. The list of people who contracted the disease from the truck driver in Wayanad is alarming. Totally, 15 people have already been confirmed to have contracted the disease from this truck driver. The person from Maharashtra spread the disease to four of his contacts. The health department claims that at this stage, the virus has increased its vigour.