After his Officer on Special Duty (OSD) testing positive for COVID-19, Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has gone into self-quarantine again.

As the CM adopted self-quarantine, a meeting of the state cabinet scheduled for Wednesday (September 2) has been postponed.

With the OSD of the chief minister testing positive for coronavirus, the latter has had to quarantine himself for three days, according to reports.

Earlier on two instances Rawat had gone into self-quarantine. Recently, he had quarantined himself for three days as a precaution on August 25 after one of his advisors had tested positive for COVID-19 leading to the postponement of a meeting of the state Cabinet that was scheduled to be held on August 26.

Rawat came out of self-quarantine after testing negative on August 30 and the Cabinet meeting was rescheduled for September 2 which has once again been deferred.

In late May, Rawat and other ministers in his Cabinet had undergone quarantine after a minister had tested positive for coronavirus.

Uttarakhand has recorded over 20,000 cases of the virus and 280 fatalities.