The CJM’s court at Jalpaiguri on Tuesday (December 8) ordered a fresh post-mortem on Ulen Roy, the BJP worker who died during the “Uttarkanya Abhiyan” organised by the party at Siliguri on Monday (December 7).

Allowing a petition filed by Santibala Roy, the widow, the court ordered conducting fresh post-mortem of the deceased in the presence of three doctors with comprehensive video recording. The court also ordered the West Bengal Police to submit a compliance report by the December 11, 2020.

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The death of Ulen Roy, whose body has been found to have marks that may have caused by cartridge fired from a shot gun, has triggered a big controversy with BJP and TMC blaming each other for the mishap.

Senior TMC minister Subrata Mukherjee said, “A very extensive investigation has revealed that Roy died due to a shotgun injury. It is a well-known fact that the police force does not use shotguns. These guns were brought by members of the BJP to spread panic in the rally.”

Mukherjee also claimed that police had used water cannons and teargas only to disperse the crowd.

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In response, Dilip Ghosh, Lok Sabha Member and West Bengal BJP president said that pellet wounds were found on Roy’ chest. Ghosh said Roy was charging toward a barricade when he was shot. Acknowledging that police did not carry shotgun, Ghosh said it was possible that some TMC goon, who was standing with the police wearing their uniform, had fired a shotgun at BJP activists.

An autopsy was conducted on Roy last night itself, but the BJP refused to accept the findings and got the slain worker’s widow to petition the court for a fresh autopsy by a team of doctors and video-recording of the examination.