The BJP today unveiled the party's manifesto for the upcoming Bihar elections.

Here are highlights of what the BJP is promising the people of the state.

* Free Covid vaccine for all people of Bihar

* BJP promises 19 Lakh jobs if voted to power. 

* 30 lakh pucca houses by 2020

* New All India Institue of Medical Sciences in Darbhanga

* Medium of teaching in medical, engineering and technical insitution to be made available in Hindi

* 3 lakh new teachers to be appointed in all levels of educational institutions in the state iwithin one year.

* Bihar to be turned into an IT hub, over 5 lakh professionals to get employment in 5 years

* 1 crore women to be empowered by providing easy loans via micro-finance institutions. Scheme assistance to the tune of Rs 50,000 crore.

* New processing units in the next two years for milk production.