Minu Mumtaz, a veteran actress of Bangladesh, passed away after being infected with COVID-19. She died at Dhaka's Green Life Hospital on Tuesday (September 22).

According to hospital sources, the veteran actress was suffering from COVID-19. Zainab Habib alias Minu Mumtaz died on Tuesday (September 22) noon. The veteran actress' body was left in the hospital morgue because a bill of Rs 3 lakh was yet to be cleared. Her children did not come to collect the body as soon as they heard about the pending hospital bill.

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According to the hospital, Minu Mumtaz was admitted on September 4 on suspicion of COVID-19. After testing, her report came out positive. The veteran actress was given special treatment in the COVID unit till September 22. A medical bill of Rs 3 lakh has been left unpaid.

However, the hospital authorities also claimed that arrangements are being made to hand over Minu Mumtaz's body to her relatives by reducing a portion of the bill amount. Hospital authorities have kept constantly calling Minu Mumtaz children to collect her body, but none came after learning about the unpaid bill.

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Sanaullah, the youngest of Minu Mumtaz's two sons, is living in the United States. He is currently unable to return to the country. Her elder son Amanullah was in Dhaka but did not go to the hospital after his mother's death.

Minu Mumtaz is a very well-known name in Bangladesh film industry. The veteran actress has regularly acted in various television dramas for decades. She has also acted in many movies.

However, she had been suffering from diabetes and kidney complications for several years. She was admitted to hospital after falling ill during a shoot earlier this month. The veteran actress was kept in ICU for a few days. In 2018, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina gave Rs 5 lakh for the treatment of Minu Mumtaz.