Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the online reader’s poll of Time Person of the Year ahead of the popular leaders of the world like Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and others. However, the editor of the Time magazine decides the winner but the online poll reveals who the world wants to see as the winner.


Let us take a look at five reasons how PM Modi managed to beat all the above mentioned popular personalities to clinch the award:


## Modi bagged 18% of the total online vote until the poll closed on Sunday night. This number is way ahead of the others.


## Modi somehow gained the confidence of the Indians after he ratified the Paris Climate Change Agrrement earlier this year.


## Demonetisation in India also played a crucial role as most of the civilians in the country have supported him with this cause.


## Modi got a lot of vote from the Indians residing in California and New Jersey particularly.


## According to Opentonic and IBM’s Watson, Modi has been right at the top of the most influential man’s list in the current year.