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Qatar World Cup: 'The Late Show' host Stephen Colbert calls FIFA most ‘corrupted organisation’

The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert talked about the FIFA World Cup. According to the comedian-host, FIFA is the most "corrupted organisation" in the world.

Qatar World Cup The Late Show host Stephen Colbert calls FIFA most corrupted organisation RBA
First Published Nov 23, 2022, 10:38 AM IST

The Late Show's host and well-known American comedian Stephen Colbert has become well-known for his opinions on different subjects. In a recent episode of The Late Show, the presenter discussed the FIFA World Cup that was hosted in Qatar. Stephen made some remarks regarding FIFA that are currently generating news. He continued by referring to FIFA as the most "corrupted organisation" in world history.

Stephen Colbert on FIFA world cup
"A choice made by FIFA, which is, and I don't want to overstate this, the most corrupt organisation in the history of the world," the comedian-turned-host remarked while discussing FIFA's decision to hold the world cup in Qatar on The Late Show. Some of Stephen Colbert's viewers were outraged by his remarks, while others agreed with them. "I’m sorry, I don’t care who hears me – I’m going to stand up here on national television and say that about Fifa every night unless it turns out that Fifa is a sponsor," added Colbert.

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Stephen Colbert on why Qatar is a bad choice
The Late Show's presenter Stephen went into further detail on why Qatar was the wrong place to host a major event like the FIFA world cup. He emphasised that Qatar is a scorchingly hot nation with unsuitable weather for such a large sporting event. The US Justice Department recently claimed that FIFA selected Qatar as the world cup's host nation after extensive bribes. The nation receives harsh criticism for its stands towards numerous minorities, including LGBTQ+. FIFA attempted to hide it by 'welcoming' everyone to the world cup, but the issues persisted.

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The nation has outlawed fans' public demonstrations of affection and their appearance while shirtless during sporting events. Stephen Colbert made the following remark while pointing to the situation: "No issue, I can't believe someone at a soccer game would ever go naked."

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