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Is Sadhguru part of Jennifer Lopez's film 'This is Me Now?' Here's what we know

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Is Sadhguru part of Jennifer Lopez's film 'This is Me Now?' Here's what we know RBA
First Published Jan 19, 2024, 11:09 AM IST

Jennifer Lopez, a singer and actress, just debuted the trailer for her film This is Me Now: A Love Story. Sadhguru appears in the trailer's cast list at the conclusion. While the list most likely refers to prominent Indian spiritual teacher Jagadish Vasudev, we contacted the Sadhguru's staff to clarify this. However, the team was unable to confirm if it was real. The internet has been buzzing over Sadhguru's likely involvement in the film. 

One person wrote, "I hope he's riding a motorcycle and doing cool stuff." Another commented, "My guru the movie star? Can’t wait to hear what the movie is about! You go Sadhguru!" "Our guru is literally a superhero in life," mentioned another fan.

Earlier, Jennifer Lopez shared the film's trailer on her social media and wrote in its caption: "I have not been this nervous, excited, scared and thrilled to share something with you in years!! The story of the journey from This Is Me. Then to This Is Me Now is the most personal thing I’ve ever done. The musical experience continues on February 16 when the This Is Me Now album drops. 

Watch the trailer: 

According to the makers, “Alongside director Dave Meyers, Jennifer has created a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing. Dropping in tandem with her first studio album in a decade, this genre-bending Amazon original showcases her journey to love through her own eyes. With fantastical costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos, this panorama is an introspective retrospective of Jennifer’s resilient heart.”

JLo co-wrote the film and will play the major role. The production and size of the picture appear huge. Ben Affleck, Sofia Vergara, Jay Shetty, and Trevor Noah have significant parts in the film.

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