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Bigg Boss 17: Actress Neelu Kohli commends Rinku Dhawan's performance; says this about her

Neelu Kohli praises Bigg Boss contestant Rinku Dhawan for her outstanding performance. She lauds Rinku's strategic gameplay.

Bigg Boss 17: Actress Neelu Kohli commends Rinku Dhawan's performance; says this about her SHG
First Published Nov 11, 2023, 1:08 PM IST

Actress Neelu Kohli expressed her utmost delight upon witnessing the stellar performance of actress Rinku Dhawan in the current season of Bigg Boss. Kohli, who admittedly wasn't initially aware of Rinku's participation due to a lack of social media engagement, shares her enthusiasm about the unexpected revelation. According to Kohli, having Rinku on the show is an unparalleled opportunity, emphasizing Rinku's strength as a formidable contender who navigates the game with finesse.

Kohli commended Rinku for her adept communication skills. Kohli stated "She articulates her points effectively and doesn't create controversies like some of the other contestants. She's doing great! What she says, people listen to because she communicates without unnecessary drama. I also appreciate the fact that she is associated with Jigna because I think Jigna is a solid contestant,” 

Observing a shift in the show's strategy, Kohli said “Rinku is a strong contender because she knows that controversies don't really matter. I can see that even Bigg Boss is slowly changing its strategy now. They don't want people who speak without purpose. They are also looking for solid contestants, and Rinku is very solid. When she speaks, she is heard. 

Regarding the importance of tasks, Kohli dismissed the notion that physical strength is the sole determinant of success. She pointed out "And what's the deal with tasks? It's not always necessary to have physical strength; only then can you perform tasks properly. Right now, I'm observing two more things - one is compassion. People are playing with that spirit, but there is also a lot of sharing. So, when it comes to showing strength, the younger generation will do it. When you work as a team with your teammates, you'll occasionally need to use their physicality. I don't think that's an issue.”

Asked about a message she would convey to Rinku, Kohli expressed her admiration and pride, stating that if given the chance, she would commend Rinku on her excellent performance and encourage her to continue the commendable work. Kohli underscored that Rinku is not only being seen but is also making a positive impact through her presence in the Bigg Boss house.

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