The body of Bengali actress Arya Banerjee was recovered from her house in Jodhpur Park. The cause of her death is not yet clear to police. Mystery has also been created about the death of this actress. 

The police broke open the door of her apartment and found that the body of the 33-year-old actress was lying in the bedroom.

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Police said that the domestic help who comes every day to the actress's house got suspicious as Arya did not respond to door bells and phone calls in the morning and informed the neighbors who called the police.

Police came and recovered the body. There were bloodstains on the spot. But no injuries were found on Arya's body. 

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Investigators believe that she vomited before she died. Initially, it was thought that death was due to overeating.

The police said that the body was sent for post mortem examination and a forensic team collected samples from her room.

Arya Banerjee, daughter of late sitarist Nikhil Bandyopadhyay had acted in many Bollywood films. She had also done some modelling jobs in Mumbai.