As #MeToo movement gains momentum in the Kannada film industry, veteran actor Jaggesh, who is always active on Twitter, has put out an ambiguous Tweet, clarifying his stand.

Though Jagggesh has not mentioned the movement or given any contest to his Tweet, it looks like it is his reply to the current happenings with respect to this campaign.

Jaggesh is known as Navarasa Nayaka (actor who can display all emotions).

He has tweeted claiming, "Society has lost its way in modernity! One should play strange moves as in the game of chess to reach the goal and to make life beautiful. Age is catching up and the heart wants to learn the newness. Let us concentrate on the remaining years of our life than concentrating on the wrongdoings of others. Hence forth, this place is only to wish well for the loved ones! No comments for (on) other's affairs."


Jaggesh is also known as a flamboyant actor and being the leader of BJP, he might want to distance himself from any controversies. Else, till now, he was one of the first leaders to comment on any controversy, whether it is a fight between two stars, fans or anything related to film politics or politics alone.